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Baby Got Bach: Adventures in (Not) Curing Colic

31 Mar

I have run into many pieces of advice for what to do about my very fussy baby. Don’t eat onions. Don’t drink coffee. Treat her for reflux. Treat her for gas. Treat her for irritable bowel syndrome. Try probiotics. Chamomile tea. Ginger. And the latest, from my mom: “Play her some Bach.”

In the end, the only thing I’ve found that is truly getting us through these first difficult months is retaining a sense of humor. I’ve come to the conclusion that fussiness — even extreme fussiness — is not a disease. It’s normal, if unfortunate, and will likely end soon.

The other day at the grocery store my little darling was screaming so loudly that a young guy in front of me turned around to see what was going on, and I BURST into laughter because it really is truly absurd! My husband and I are such calm, laid-back people, and now we’re carting around a cute little bundle of terror.

It will end, though. We’re already having more quiet, happy moments, and the supposedly magical three-month mark is just days away. The supposedly even more magical four-month mark is just weeks away. And if we get to that point and we’re still going deaf, maybe I’ll consider a bread-and-water diet.

In the meantime, I’m trying to laugh through the hard times and enjoy documenting the first few weeks with my sweet, if temporarily tortured baby girl.